Randomize Offers Videos from International Amiga 98

Toronto, Canada - June 19, 1998

Amiga, Inc. Clears up the Confusion at IA98 .. and it's now available on video!

Back For the Future - The Key Notes - Tape #1

You couldn't make it for the Key Note Speaches? Missed the excitement? Missed your free Boing Beach Ball? All has be captured for you in this video shot at the IA98 Key Note Speaches including Petro Tyschtschko, Jeff Schindler and Dr. Allan Havemose. Join us for the excitement of the new Amigas. Oh, we've included your own free Boing Beach Ball just so that you don't feel left out.

Price:$14.95US + $4US S&H, $21.95CDN + $5CDN S&H

Back For the Future - The Details - Tape #2

This is the video you've been waiting for. The video that clears up the confusion left at WOA London. Join Dr. Allan Havemose for a one hour session at IA98 as he goes step-by-step explaining the new "Super Amiga". What will the new system's features be? performance? interfaceing? The answers are here.

Price: $14.95US + $4US S&H, $21.95CDN + $5CDN S&H

Back For the Future - The Bundle

You'd like both tapes? No problem!

Price:$24.95US + $4US S&H, $36.95CDN + $5CDN S&H

For complete details, visit our website at http://www.randomize.com/ia98videoseries.html. To order, email Thom at thom@randomize.com

Thom Mills

International Amiga 98 is over and it was Great!!

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