Cloanto Releases Personal Paint 6.4 as a Free Gift to the Amiga Community, Announces Development of Version 8

In the evolution of Personal Paint, which has become the leading title for editing palette-based graphics, version 6.4 represents a milestone in new features, reliability, diffusion and new code written. In hindsight, it might have deserved a version number of "7" (just as the features introduced in the latest version might have justified an "8" release, instead of the more humble 7.1). The particular release of Personal Paint 6.4 now on Aminet (biz/cloan directory, PPaint64.lha archive, easy access from is little more than 18 months old, and includes support for anim-brushes and ARexx, which were not supported by the first 6.4 release (also bundled with some Amiga computers).

With few exceptions, such as the lack of full documentation and no support for file formats such as GIF (which is included only with the commercial package, under license of Unisys Corporation), this is the full retail version of Personal Paint 6.4, including 20 different user interface languages. Additional information on the distribution is contained in the archive, as is a special upgrade offer to the latest version 7.1. The version of Personal Paint 6.4 now released for free download is not a demonstration version, but is fully functional, and may be used without limitations for productive applications.

Personal Paint 7.1 remains the latest version, while we are working on version 8, which however is not expected to be ready at least until the second half of 1999. Personal Paint 8 requires a major re-write to support features such as true color, layers, and advanced animation functionality. At the same time, it is now very important that the new code be written in a portable style, because it is still unknown what the new Amiga OS will look like, other than it will not be the Amiga that we are used to. Suggestions regarding the features of Personal Paint 8 are very welcome, and can be addressed to (preferably containing "Personal Paint 8" in the message title).

For additional information, please refer to the Amiga section of the Cloanto web site at

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