Vorlon Software Announces Availability of Ultra Violent Worlds

Ultra Violent Worlds has the following features:

The CD also contains bonus audio tracks for your listening pleasure.

The CD is also multi-platform (compatible with 4 operating systems) for Windows 95, MSDOS, Linux and Amiga AGA, all versions being included on the one CD.

A playable demo is available from many game related websites. You can also find it at Aminet, download.com or www.vorlonsoftware.com

Visit our WebSite at http://www.vorlonsoftware.com/

You can buy the game now for only $25 US (includes postage).

If you do not have a Credit Card, you can pay by Cheque or Money Order preferably in $AUD (Australian Dollars). Confirmation of your order will be emailed within one business day of it being received.

Send to:

Vorlon Software
133-135 Alexander St.
Crows Nest NSW 2065

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

RRP:  $US25  45DM  14.95  $CDN35.95  $AUD39.95  ITL43,500.00


Stafford Hewitt

Email: amiga@vorlonsoftware.com

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