Randomize, Inc. is North American Distributor for Ateo Concepts

Toronto, Canada -- July, 2, 1998


Randomize, Inc. is pleased to announce North American distribution of Ateo Concepts innovative line of products.

Ateo Concepts was the buzz at International Amiga 98 with their Ateo Bus / Pixel64 Graphics card combination. Fitting inside a high quality / low price Ateo A1200 Tower Case or most other A1200 Tower cases, the Ateo Bux / Pixel64 provides 24bit retargetable graphics for the A1200. Connecting to the A1200s expansion connector and providing a pass through for most A1200 accelerators, the Pixel64 has 2MB graphics ram allowing for 800 x 600 24 bit graphics on any PC monitor. The Pixel64 includes Picasso96 for CybergraphX compatible retargeting. An incredible price for performance, the Pixel64 is the Graphics board solution for any A1200 owner.

Ateo Concepts also makes an A4000 tower case, PC-to-Amiga Keyboard adapters and other products. Visit Randomize's Ateo Concepts site at http://www.randomize.com/ateo.html or Ateo Concepts' site directly at http://www.ateo-concepts.com/.

-- Thom Mills

International Amiga 98 is over and it was Great!!

The deals continue at Randomize .. visit our website at http://www.randomize.com/

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