User Group Network (UGN) to Host IRC conferences from AmiWest '98 in Sacramento, California


30 June, 1998


Bill Borsari (
Wayne Hunt (

The Amiga User Group Network (UGN) is proud to bring you a series of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) conferences directly from the floor of the AmiWest '98 show. AmiWest, for those of you who don't know yet is a new and exciting Amiga show coming up July 10th, 11th, and 12th in Sacramento, California, USA. The channel will be open during the show hours (10am to 5pm Central Standard Time [GMT-6]) and there are activities planned for late afternoon/evenings.

Scheduled guests include Carl Sassenrath (REBOL Technologies), Dr. Allen Havemose (Director of R&D for Amiga Inc), and more but see for yourself! There is a schedule posted with planned guests at Please keep in mind that Amiga shows are incredibly dynamic so there's no telling who might show up, or when. If you aren't going to be able to make it, this is the next best thing!

There will be two channels used for the show, #AmiWest98 will be used for the official conferences (Moderated) and #Amiga will be open to the public for Amiga discussion. If you're new to IRC, drop by Amiganet's webpage at for a good run-down on what you'll need, where you should go, and how to get there...

IRC Information:


#AmiWest98 - (Official Conferences and Discussion)(Moderated)
#Amiga - (General Discussion during the show)(open)

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- (Norway)
- (Sweden)
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