STFax Professional v3.3 Supports Independent Operation Mode

Amiga Press Release - 13/7/98

The recently released STFax Professional v3.3 now supports the Independent Operation Mode found within the PACE 'Solo' ( and 3-Com Message Plus modems.

Independent Operation Mode allows you to use the modem as a digital answer and fax machine without the need for your Amiga to be switched on! The modem will answer with a greeting, the caller can leave a message as per a normal answer machine and, if they are sending a fax, the modem will automatically switch into fax mode and receive the fax transmission.

These voice and fax messages are then stored on the modem and, the next time you run your Amiga and STFax Professional (v3.3+), these messages are automatically downloaded to your machine. You are then able to play/view/print/delete the messages.

STFax Professional supports the more advanced Independent Operation Mode features only found within the PACE 'Solo' modem. For instance you can remotely retrieve you messages, you can use the 'follow me' option to call you on your mobile and play important messages and so on.

Please note: that you need the PACE 'Solo' or 3-Com Message Plus modem in order to use the independent support within STFax Professional v3.3+. We currently do not support the Olitec 56K or the new 3-Com Professional Message Plus modem. We hope to add support for these modems in the future, within a new update.

NetConnect v2 Special Pre-Order Price Available

The long awaited NetConnect v2 is due for release on the 21st of July 1998. You can pre-order the new CD before release and save 10.

NetConnect v2 is the easiest and most comprehensive Internet compilation designed to enable any Amiga user, from novice to expert level, to get onto and use the Internet.

The CD is based around eleven commercial programs, debuing AmiTCP-Genesis, X-Arc, Microdot-II v1 and Vapor's new 'Contact Manager'. You are given all you will need to get the most from the Internet. By using the new Genesis Wizard, a user should be able connect to the Internet in a matter of minutes. Ideal for both an Internet and/or local area network connection (due to Genesis' ability to support multiple interface connections) and for an advanced or novice Amiga Internet user.

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