AmigaZone Price Slashed to $12.95 per Month


Sacramento, CA. USA
July 12, 1998

AmigaZone, the online service for Amiga owners and users, announces that it has dropped its price to only $12.95 per month.

This new low price gets you full 24/7 access to all AmigaZone features including:

FIVE different ways to access the Zone! Members can use any or all of them, even simultaneously:

AmigaZone has dozens of message areas including our own local areas, Amiga Usenet newsgroup feeds, Amiga Fidonet "echo" feeds, and over a dozen Amiga-specific mailing lists fed into their own message bases, each holding weeks or months of postings. Use our insanely fast search functions to find what you're after in over 30,000 articles, online at all times, with new stuff feeding in 24 hours a day.

Our file library is absolutely enormous - over 40,000 files online all the time, and thousands more on our multiple CD changer.

We have friendly, live, interactive chats seven nights a week, and the Sunday chat always features at least two prize contests, open to all members - we've given away thousands of buck$ worth of Amiga goods - it's an AmigaZone tradition.

$12.95 a month gets you ALL of this - there are NO extra cost or optional areas. Our web inteface has NO annoying, ram-eating, time-wasting banner ads. You pay for Amiga news, information, entertainment and files and that's exactly what you get.

And you can log in from anywhere in the world. All you need is an account with any local Internet Service Provider (ISP), and any terminal program or telnet client, or any browser.

"AmigaZone Plus" option:

You can also choose to bundle AmigaZone with a full CalWeb Internet Services UNIX shell account too - this "AmigaZone Plus" package gets you the full AmigaZone account PLUS the CalWeb UNIX shell, including all the usual UNIX shell tools (news, mail, etc.) plus 10 meg of free online storage and web hosting for your own personal web site. AmigaZone Plus is $19.95 per month. Again, no hidden costs.

To sign up for AmigaZone or AmigaZone Plus, just visit and click on the very obvious "JOIN NOW!" link or image near the top. This will transport you to our secure signup page (SSL required - works with all Amiga browsers).

You'll have your account within one or two working days and then you can enjoy all the features and benefits of being an AmigaZone member.

AmigaZone, founded in 1985, is run by Harv Laser, well-known Amiga writer, advocate, and (recently elected as the User Rep. for the ICOA/JMS).

AmigaZone is a Trademark of Harv Laser.

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