National Amiga Announces NIMIQ PCMCIA Ethernet Card


July 17th, 1998

NIMIQ: An Inuit word for any object or force that unites or binds them together.

The Amiga 600 and 1200 have a PCMCIA ethernet card slot on the side of it that has yet been exploited for use with a cheaper ethernet card, until now.

The NIMIQ card from National Amiga offers ethernet connectivity for the Amiga 600 and 1200 at a cheap price.

The card has been fully tested to work with INet, Envoy and Miami, the most common networking packages available for the Amiga.

It uses the standard cnet.device SANA2 device driver and later a specialized version will become available for registered users that will add more SANA2 functionality and speed.

A complete installation manual is included that also covers basic networking to help answer many questions and get you up and running.



For more information on the NIMIQ PCMCIA Ethernet card, please contact us:

National Amiga
A Division of ARCHTECH Incorporated
111 Waterloo St. #101
London, Ontario
Phone: 519-858-8760
Fax: 519-858-8762

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