Swedish Amiga Computer Group Offers Amiga Accessories For Sale

Launching the ACG Shop!

Contact: Martin SahlÚn <martin.sahlen@amiga-cg.se>

Umeň, Sweden. Monday July 20, 1998. Swedish Amiga user group Amiga Computer Group, famous for the AAA Awards project, hereby launch their new ACG Shop at http://shop.amiga-cg.se/! Now you can get high-quality Amiga merchandise and at the same time support ACG!

All orders 800 crowns and above receive FREE shipping & handling!

Available primarily to residents in Scandinavia, the following products are offered:

Audio CD "Back for the Future"   65:-
Poster "Back for the Future"     49:-
Cloth badge "Amiga" + Boing      30:-
Sticker "Amiga"                   3:-
Sticker  "Powered by Amiga"       3:-
Adhesive Boing ball              10:-
Pin "Amiga"                      20:-
Lighter "Amiga"                  10:-
Pen "Amiga" + Boing ball         12:-
Mouse mat "Amiga"                39:-
T-shirt "Amiga Computer Group"	120:-
T-shirt "AAA Awards"             90:-

All prices in Swedish crowns. Shipping & handling costs additional.

Order now at: http://shop.amiga-cg.se/ or +46-(0)90-2 4 8 16 (24 hrs)!

For ordering information in English and orders outside Sweden: please e-mail <martin.sahlen@amiga-cg.se>.

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