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After its successful launch in May of this year, Amiga Energy, the new UK published Amiga fanzine from Infinite Frontiers, is pleased to announce a number of new developments that have taken place recently with the magazine.

Free Gifts

Thanks to the generosity of Amiga International, we have been able to offer free gifts with the first two issues of Amiga Energy. Issue 1, released in May 1998 (back issues are still available), shipped with a free "powered by Amiga" sticker. Following that up, we have a limited supply of the new Amiga Boing Ball stickers that were to be seen at the World Of Amiga Show and we are making these available to the first 200 people who place an order for Issue 2 of the magazine which is due for release at the end of July.

User Group Discounts

Following the example set by Amiga International in providing support for Amiga user groups everywhere, Amiga Energy is now available to any interested user group at a discount rate for bulk purchases of 10 copies or more. The generous discounts (with free postage and packing) allow user groups to either pass the discount on to their members, or to sell the magazines at the standard cover price, raising valuable funds for the user groups. For more information and a price breakdown, see the ordering section on our web site.

Subscription Offer

Infinite Frontiers, publishers of Amiga Energy, don't just produce Amiga Energy. We have been involved in producing fan magazines for almost 10 years, the most well known being the Star Trek Amiga disk magazine The Final Frontier. This has also been available in a paper format (retitled The Final Frontier Phase II) for just over a year in a similar style to Amiga Energy and as a special offer to introduce new subscribers to our our work, we are offering a free copy of the latest issue of The Final Frontier Phase II released 15th July 1998 (worth 1.75 including postage) to anyone taking out a 6 issue subscription with coverdisks, between now and the end of August 1998. The free fanzine will be sent out with the first issue of your subscription, which you can start at ANY issue of the magazine, so if you've never tried Amiga Energy, you could start your subscription with Issue 1, get six issues, and still qualify for the free fanzine. Don't forget to mention this offer when you write! For information on the subscription rates, and the address where to send payment, see the Infinite Frontiers web site.

Overseas Orders

Although Infinite Frontiers is a non-profit making UK organisation, we can accept orders for our magazines from outside the UK. While we would prefer not to, we can accept UK cash for any orders and we can now accept International Money Orders in US Dollars for 6-issue subscriptions. Finally, for those of you in the US or Canada, or who can get US currency easily, we can accept US$ cash payments for single issues (we can only accept cash hoping that enough orders come in for us to afford the exchange rates allowing us to charge just $5 per issue). Naturally, cash is sent at your own risk, but at least many of you can now order our magazines who could not a while ago. For details on all the overseas rates, see the web site.

Online Adverts

As part of our continued commitment to offering a better service to our readers, as part of our web site we are now running an extensive free online advertising service. Any Amiga owner can advertise anything that they want to sell, or advertise for products that they are looking to buy. A selection of adverts are currently online, with more being added on a regular basis. In addition, the site offers a selection of areas featuring non-Amiga related adverts for Sci-Fi/Fantasy enthusiasts, console owners, and much more.

Issue 2 Release Date

Issue 2 of Amiga Energy is due for release at the end of July with a full report on the 1998 World of Amiga Show, reviews of Quake, Genetic Species, Sixth Sense Investigations and much more. The 48-page magazine will once again ship in two versions - one with and one without a coverdisk, packed with assorted Amiga software. Details of some of the contents can be found on our web site.

For more information on any of the above, visit our web site at:-


or e-mail us at:-

Simon Plumbe and Sven Harvey - Editors, Amiga Energy
Colin Gunn - Producer, Amiga Energy

830 pm, 21st July 1998

Sven Harvey - Editor, Producer, Advertising Co-ordinator - Infinite Frontiers. Member of Team *AMIGA* & Transmasters UK.

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