Weird Science Announces Availability of Light ROM 6 and Rexecute

The all new Light Rom 6 is now in stock.

LIGHT ROM 6 is a 4 CD set and is the latest in the Light Rom series of Compact Discs for Lightwave users on the Amiga, PC and Mac. This series of CDs for Lightwave have been providing high quality scenes and objects for Lightwave users for many years. Each of the scenes and objects featured can be rendered directly from the compact disc as all of the textures and surfaces have been included.

Light Rom 6 contains:
The 1st CD is an all new Lightwave collection of objects & scene files. The 2nd CD is Dean Scott's "ABomb-ROM", a Lightwave scene file of an atomic bomb exploding that uses over 550 megs of image maps. The 3rd CD is a collection of PuppetMaster Lightwave files, imagemaps, seemless textures & demos of PolyTrans, NuGraf & World Construction Set version 3. The 4th CD is "Desktop Video Collection" with over 550 Desktop Video Images.

Light Rom 6 Four CD Set is 29.99.

We also have the other CDs in the Light Rom Series.

Light Rom 5 29.99
Light Rom 4 19.99
Light Rom Gold 14.99

Another New Release available now is


REXECUTE is a fully featured Arexx compiler for the Amiga. Rexecute is provided on floppy disk and comes with a Hard Drive installer and full documentation on the disk. With little or no programming experience it possible to create executables from Arexx scripts and with the on-line help system Rexecute is a very easy program to use.

Rexecute is 19.99

For more information or ordering please email


David J. Law
for and on behalf of
Weird Science Ltd.

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