Turtle Lightning/Vulcan America Announces User Group Discounts

** For Immediate Release **

Hello all,

TLAS~Vulcan America is currently offering a 10 % Discount on all Amiga Software listed on our website. This offer is good for members of All User Groups till the end of September. We have the largest selection of Games for Amiga in North America. To receive this discount simply order from our website and include your groups name in any unused blank on the orderform. ( ?? Group Member ) and we will deduct the 10 % from the cost of the software and e-mail you back the total for your order. We have recently reduced many prices on the site so this will make for a nice savings.


Terry L. Fike f/TLAS~Vulcan America

site: HTTP://www.pantheonsys.com/tlas

e-mail: Turtleguy@Apex2000.net

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