Epic Marketing Announces Sequencer One Plus v1.5

29th May 1998

For Immediate Release Epic Marketing has pleasure in announcing our commitment to creating great music on the Amiga by introducing you to some fantastic NEW software packages.

We now have available the latest version of Sequencer One Plus ver. 1.5. This great piece of software is an advanced music recording, editing and replay program, based on the best selling Sequncer One package. It has full midi support and four channel stereo output and many amazing features. We are also stocking The Hit Kit It can create professional sounding drum tracks, bass lines, arpeggio patterns, and even complete pieces of music.

We are also stocking Software Technology’s Sample Series, a collection of over 200 high quality, 8-BIT digital sound samples of real instruments, vocals, sound effects, and synthesized sounds, sorted into convenient categories. We also have a 3D sound box that really improves the sound quality from your Amiga. To get more information on all these products and see all our other new releases please visit our web site at http://www.epicmarketing.ltd.net/

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