Amiga Atlanta to Host .MOD Happening Party

AAi(Amiga Atlanta, Inc.) will host a PowerPicniC on Saturday, August 8th at the Railroad Earth Studios, 1467 Oxford Road in Atlanta, near Emory University. Some say this will be "A .MOD HAPPENING" - the hippest fun since the last Woodstock SIG. There will be electronic music, interactive entertainment and Amiga gaming in addition to food. We will also have Darreck Lisle of Amiga, Inc. as our special guest. All Amiga devotees from the surrounding area are encouraged to attend this event. The event begins at 3 p.m. and continues until the sun goes down.

We are also bringing former presenters - such as US Robotics, American Power Conversion, Hitachi, Motorola and others to this event. This is a party -- complete with food and multimedia exhibitions. This is anything but a normal user group meeting, it's a unique and special event.

For more detailed information, check out our brand new website at

Kind regards,

Lamar Morgan
Amiga Atlanta, Inc.

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