Eyelight Announces Tornado 3D V2.0 Upgrade and It's Free For 1.X Owners

ROME, ITALY (August 5, 1998) Eyelight is pleased to announce that the long awaited 2.0 "Professional" update to Tornado3D is ready. Tornado3D is a state-of-the-art 3D graphics package for the Amiga, geared towards the professional market. Tornado3D 2.0 adds new hi-end features, many of them never before available on the Amiga, to the already powerful arsenal of Tornado3D 1.5 and is a free upgrade for customers of V1.x.

Registered users can request V2.0 for free from Tornado3D's web site at http://www.tornado3d.com

"There are still many professionals in the Amiga market, but in 3D graphics up-to-date software and speed are not an option and they find increasingly difficult to stay competitive with existing tools," said Massimiliano Marras, Eyelight's CEO. "That's why we focused on supporting modern hardware such as the PowerPC processors and 3D accelerated graphics cards. Those Amigas, coupled with AmigaOS's realtime heart and the many unique features of Tornado3D, are the best replica of a graphics workstation we can think of -and we have used many of them."

Tornado3D 2.0 builds on the firm ground of V1.5 and adds features like Meshpainting, Dynamic Fractal Triangles, Bones and Muscles, Meta Organic Modeling, Hairs and Fur and an internal programming language. And while price for V2.0 went up to $520.00 both competitive upgrade and educational discounts were introduced to allow everybody to become part of the ever growing family of Tornado3D users.

Tornado3D is the pionieer product of Eyelight, a 3D Graphics and animation firm located in Rome, Italy. Please contact Mrs. Paola Barbon at +39-06-51965487 or send email to info@tornado3d.com for more information.

Via del Serafico, 64
00142 Rome

voice: +39-06-51965486/7
fax: +39-06-51965488
e-mail: info@tornado3d.com

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