Eternity Announces New Email-Based Fantasy Game

Ladies and Gentleman, We proudly present our new project. ETERNITY will introduce a new game for Amiga and PC at the Amiga fair in Cologne. You will find us in the ACT/ETERNITY boot. This new kind of strategic-game has both an innovative concept and design. It's named "Tales of Tamar". Basically it's an Internet-Fantasy-Game using Email to place your moves for the playing rounds. It`s a game like "Kaiser", "Fantasy-Battle", or "Hanse" and combines this kind of game with the Internet.

The technology of the game makes it possible to play with a nearly infinite number of players within the world named "Tamar" controlled by the ETERNITY-Server. You may fight against the computer as well as against other players. The game is fully compatible to the PC-Version. Like other Fantasy-Worlds "Tamar" knows other races like orks and elves. The player takes controll over his own realm and has to make it big, strong and wealthy. It`s possible to make a progression on to emperor. Other races will be played by the computer.

Further information about our game you will find on our new homepage:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further Interviews and questions. We are always looking for good Graphic-designers and Musicians as freelancers. If you are interested you may contact us via IRC-Server channel #amiga from 9 p.m. Please look for the Nicks:Arka, Ice, Xin, CeaBear, Banana, Zenti or Wolfen. Kind regards Martin Wolf The highlights of our game are:

The minimal requirements for your System are:

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