Active Technologies Announces Availability of NetConnect v2

10th August 1998

NetConnect v2 Finally Available!

NetConnect v2, the easiest and most comprehensive Internet compilation, was finally released this month and should be available from your favourite Amiga dealer.

The Amiga Format gold award-winning Internet compilation is based around 11 commercial programs, individually worth over 150. These consist of: AmiTCP-Genesis (brand new TCP/IP stack), Microdot-II, Voyager, AmIRC, AmFTP, AmTalk, AmTelnet, AmTerm, NetInfo, X-Arc (Winzip style archive management tool) and the Contact Manager (centralised address book that stores all your user information, web site, ftp servers and chat channels).

You are given all you will need to and get the most from the Internet. By using the new Genesis Wizard, a user should be able connect to the Internet in a matter of minutes. Ideal for both an Internet and/or local area network connection.

For further information about NetConnect v2, visit

The RRP is 59.95UKP, available directly from:

Active Technologies
Oval House
113 Victoria Road
County Durham
England, DL1 5JH.

Tel : +44 (0)1325 460116
Fax : +44 (0)1325 460117

e-mail :

.or from Haage&Partner and their worldwide distributors:

Schlossborner Weg 7
61479 Glashuetten

Tel : +49 (0)6174 - 96 61 00
Fax : +49 (0)6174 - 96 61 01



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