Nova Design Releases ImageFX 3.2 Upgrade

For Immediate Release


Bob Fisher
(804) 282-5868 tel
(804) 282-3768 fax

Nova Design, Inc., producers of the award winning ImageFX package and the highly received Aladdin 4D package, are proud to announce the exciting version 3.2 upgrade to ImageFX! ImageFX has been the required graphics application for all Amiga owners and has been a part of Video Toaster/Flyer owner's toolkits for years. Combining painting, image file format conversion, image processing, and special effects, ImageFX is the undisputed leader in graphics manipulation on the Amiga.

When ImageFX 3.0 was released, it brought the first implementation of real image layers compositing technology to the Amiga. This came with a vastly enhanced user interface, larger previews, multiple image windows, faster redraws, and child menus. Photoshop file format import and exporting was added and the ability to work directly with color-mapped (CMAP) images! ImageFX, true to its name, also added new effects such as Pagecurler, plasma Clouds, particle pixel Scatter, image Splash, and the amazing FXForge for creating hundreds of new effects.

Highlights of the new ImageFX

The newest release of ImageFX is version 3.2. This release has virtually eliminated any reported problems experienced by users in previous releases and has added many new features as well.

The new features include support for more BMP and JPEG image file subformats, support for images saved from the Brilliance paint program, and minor updates to the IMP batch processor for ImageFX. Many new Arexx commands have been added as well, a new control has been added to the Layer Manager, and for owners of pressure sensitive drawing tablets ImageFX now supports pressure in the airbrush painting tool. Major work was also done to enhance the operation of ImageFX's region masks as well!

Support for older Hewlett Packard SCSI Scanjet models was added along with many overall enhancements to this module, which include better previews. The Epson scanner module has been improved, but development of support for the Epson Perfection 600 model was dropped when Epson discontinued this model.

Ordering the Upgrade

The best news of all is that owners of ImageFX 3.0 through 3.1c can download a free patch to upgrade to ImageFX 3.2 from the Nova Design, Inc. FTP site at at any time. The patch is also available on diskettes for $10 plus shipping. ($5 in the continental US, $10 elsewhere)

Upgrades from the older ImageFX 2.0 through 2.6 releases is only $79.95 plus shipping. Versions of ImageFX prior to 2.0 can be upgraded for only $124.95 plus shipping.

You can order via 1-800-IMAGE-69 in the US and Canada or call (804) 282-1157 elsewhere. Orders can also be faxed to (804) 282-3768 or mailed to the Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 204, Richmond, VA 23230 USA, Attention: Upgrades

ImageFX is also available new, worldwide, through your local Amiga dealer or via mail order at a suggested retail price of $349.95 US.

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