Dimensions Computers Announces One-Week Amiga Summer Accelerator Sale

We are pleased to announce a special one week sale, which will end Sunday, August 30, 1998. The current one week sale applies to the GVP-m A2000 68060 @ 50 MHz accelerator board, the Blizzard A1200 68060 @ 50MHz board, and the ACT A1200 68040 @ 40MHz board.

Through Sunday, the prices for these three accelerators are reduced to the following:

GVP-m A2000 060/50 Accelerator		$659
Blizzard 1260 @ 50MHz Accelerator	$499
ACT 1240 @ 40MHz Turbo Accelerator	$259

32MB SIMM Modules with purchase		$55/each
(compatible with all boards above)

Order online at http://nrex.net/dimensions/ - follow the link for ONE WEEK SALE!


GVP-m A2000 060/50 Accelerator

This board includes SCSI device driver software, and supports RAM burst mode with a pair of SIMMs. Unless you want to use burst mode, memory need not be added in pairs. You may combine GVP-type and 72-pin SIMMs if you already own GVP SIMMs; any combination is allowed as long as only a total of four sockets are occupied. Workbench ROM V3+ is required.

phase5 Blizzard 1260/50 Accelerator

ACT Turbo 1240/40


Company: Dimensions Computers
Toll Free: (888) 5-DIMENSIONS (534-6367)
Outside USA: +1 (203) 234-1483 (FAX Also)
E-mail: dimensions@nrex.net
WWW Store: http://nrex.net/dimensions/

We accept online orders securely with these payment terms:

CREDIT CARDS: VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER By secure online submission, FAX or USPS
COD: We ship UPS COD Cash or Certified Check
PREPAYMENT: Place your order online and send funds by mail!

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