Randomize, Inc. Announces Distribution of Individual Computer's Products

Randomize, Inc. - Toronto, Canada - August, 25, 1998

Randomize is pleased to announce distribution of Individual Computer's products as well as the posting of Individual Computers first complete website at http://www.jschoenfeld.com/.

Individual Computers is the manufacture of such innovative products as the the Catweasel PC Floppy Drive controller, the Buddha Multi IDE Controller, the 4 way IDE adapter IDE-Fix'97, and two soon to be released products, Atlantis, and external audio module, and KickFlash, an eraseable Rom Switcher. Product information can be found at http://www.randomize.com/indcomp.html or at http://www.jschoenfeld.com/

We are celebrating this announcement by providing a great deal on the Catweasel and a PC Floppy Drive Combo at $124.95 CDN, $82.95 US.

Randomize is also please to be providing the monitor solution for most Amiga systems. The MultiVision ScanDoubler and Flicker Fixer is an external unit connecting to the Amiga's 23 pin video connector. The ScanDoubler simple takes the Amiga's 15Khz signal and doubles it so that it is viewable on a standard PC VGA/SVGA monitor at 31Khz. The Flicker Fixer version provides this same functionality but also removes flicker from interlaced screens providing a rock solid represenation of all interlaced modes. Both units simply pass through all screen modes above 15Khz. Further infomation can be found at http://www.randomize.com/multivision.html.

Thom Mills

The Amiga Monitor Solution is here! Check out the MultiVision Scan Doubler / Flicker Fixer at http://www.randomize.com/multivision.html

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