Siamese Systems Ltd Announce Upgrade for Siamese System v2.1

It has been brought to my attention recently that the original v2.1 software would not connect over the serial port on about 10-15% of set ups. This seems to a comm port or BIOS problem, made worse with our heavy use of the DTR line. It works on the majority of machines, however we obviously want it to work on all, hence this update notice.

Therefore we have now tracked down what we believe is the problem and it seems to have cured the problem that people were having and we have two new files. They are the PC server "sisys.exe" and "sisys.ini" files. Replacing the existing versions with these appears to fix the connection problem, so please advise your readers that they can email me for a replacement archive.

Sorry it took so long but we could never duplicate this problem on any of our machines.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Jones
Managing Director
Siamese Systems ltd.

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