Visual Inspirations Releases Control Tower 2.0

For Immediate Release

Friday, September 11, 1998


Jeff White
Visual Inspirations Inc.

Visual Inspirations is proud to announce the long awaited update to their popular Control Tower software for the Newtek Toaster Flyer. CT is the perfect front end for Nova Design's ImageFX software and helps automate Image processing of Flyer Clips.

We have spent the past 6 months working with the folks at OZware to come up with over 350 new functions for the Flyer. Control Tower is the first in a long line of new products to take advantage of these new commands.

Control Tower now has over 300 Macros designed to make Flying just a little bit easier. For those that have the latest version of ImageFX, we have added many new macros to use the new hooks they have included. We have also made good use of tools from ProWave. You can now process a Flyer Clip in ImageFX and have the audio automatically added back in, if you own ProWaves software package.

Control Tower has a totally new interface, that opens right on the Flyer screen itself. Complete with graphics and documents on each Macro. We have also updated Flyer Menu to handle over 900 functions. The new version supports Control Tower, OZWares Co-Pilot series, and ProWaves tools all in one pull down menu on the Flyer screen.

Current Control Tower users should contact Visual Inspirations direct, for upgrade information. If you are a registered user, you should recieve news through the mail in the next week.

Control Tower is available through all major Amiga dealers in the US and Canada. For more information check out our website at: or direct at:

Visual Inspirations Inc.
809 W. Hollywood
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 935-6410

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