World Of Amiga Show 1999 Announced

It has now been confirmed that there will be a UK World Of Amiga show in 1999! Work is well underway on the 1999 show, although the date and venue has yet to be confirmed. There is already a great deal of excitement for the show which will play a major part in the rejuvenation of the Amiga during 1999. As Peter Brameld, Organiser of the World Of Amiga show stated, "We MUST take the Amiga into the Millenium".

Linking in with this, and following the untimely closure of CU Amiga, the official web site of the World Of Amiga show has found a new home and is fully operational NOW! The site is being operated and managed for World of Amiga by Infinite Frontiers, publishers of the new Amiga fanzine, Amiga Energy.

For more information on the show, contact Peter Brameld at

To visit the web site, point your browser at

We at Infinite Frontiers would like to hear your comments and suggestions about the information YOU want to see on the World Of Amiga web site. If it is possible, we'll do everything we can to provide all the information YOU want to know. E-mail us at

We'll be updating the site as news breaks so bookmark the page and we hope to hear from you soon. We'll see you all at the World Of Amiga 1999!!

Colin Gunn and Simon Plumbe
Co-ordinators, Infinite Frontiers

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