Yamaha Introduces the World's First 4X-Rewrite CD-RW Drive; New CRW4416 Widely Supported by Software Vendors

The first 4X-rewrite drive in the fast-changing market of CD write/rewrite/read drives is announced today by Yamaha Systems Technology, Inc.

The new CRW4416S (SCSI interface) and the CRW4416E (EIDE interface) with 4X write, 4X rewrite and 16X read speeds use Yamaha's sophisticated Write Strategy to create highest quality 4X CD-RW recording.

The two new drives represent the fastest rewrite speeds of any CD-RW drive on the market, boasting proprietary Yamaha elements including a newly designed LSI chip set and optical head, as well as the new Write Strategy.

Both these new units incorporate all of the features of the earlier award-winning Yamaha Multifunction CD-RW drives in the same half-height, 5 1/4 inch space and match their high reliability.

The improved performance makes the CRW4416 drives more powerful storage devices, not only for faster file backup, but also for faster random access rewrite. This 4X rewrite data transfer rate is competitive with other high capacity removable storage devices.

Because of its standard command set, the new drive will be supported by every major CD-RW software vendor. Media and software will be available in the market simultaneously with the CRW4416. New Yamaha 4X CD Rewritable Media

4X-compatible CD rewritable media will be available at the same time as the Yamaha CRW4416. In addition, Yamaha is preparing to offer a pre-formatted CD rewritable media solution for customer ease-of-use, as a result of a recently completed agreement with a major media manufacturer. That media will also be provided as a part of the Yamaha CRW4416 kit.

"We are proud to announce another 'first' in the CD recording market," said Dean Quarnstrom, Sales Manager for the Yamaha CD-RW product line.

"The first desktop CD recording system was announced in 1988 by Yamaha; the first 2X speed CD recording system in 1990; and the first half-height 4X speed CD-R drive in 1993. We will stay at the leading edge of this market, with new design and technology and with highest quality products at competitive prices." CRW4416 Features

The CRW4416 write/rewrite speed, using standard CD-R media or CD-RW media, is 4X normal speed. CD-ROM media can be read at 16X. The new drives conform to standard Orange Book Part II and Part III. Disc-At-Once, Session-At-Once, Track-At-Once and Packet Writing are supported.

The CDs produced by the CD-R function of the drives can be read on ordinary CD-ROM drives, CDR drives and Multi-Read CD/DVD drives. Media produced by the CD-RW function of the drives can be read on Multi-Read CD/DVD drives.

Some additional features include:

Price and Availability

Volume shipments of the Yamaha CRW4416S will begin in September, 1998. Volume shipments of the Yamaha CRW4416E will begin in October, 1998. Pricing has not been determined.

Yamaha CD-RW drives are available through distributors: Law Cypress Distributing Company, Optical Laser, Consan Storage Solutions, Advanced Optical Distribution, Applied Storage Products and Yamaha of Canada. A retail version, bundled with software is available through Yamaha Corporation of America, Consumer Products Division.

Yamaha Systems Technology Inc. was founded to manufacture and market integrated circuits, board level products and complete systems to OEMs and Distributors. The product line includes multimedia audio, graphics and communications products, as well as custom and semicustom ASICs, and CD Recorder products. http://www.yamahayst.com.

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