GoldED Studio 5 Available


The development of GoldED Studio 5 has been completed. GoldED Studio 5 is a complete editing environment for AmigaOS 3 computers. It includes the editor GoldED 5, the HTML add-on Webworld, Roget's Thesaurus, the spell checking add-on Joyce and various other tools. It integrates tightly with the StormC compiler by Haage & Partner and SAS/C. The product is released on CD-ROM. Please visit our web site for a detailed description:


Amy Resource Volume 10

A full version of GoldED 4 can be found exclusively on the Amy Resource CD-ROM Volume 10, published by Interactive, Italy. It includes 6 MB of add-ons for GoldED 4. For more information, please visit or contact

Free Download

Internet user can download a full version of GoldED 4 from our web site (at It is meant as demonstration for GoldED 5. It doesn't provide all the features of the latest release but you will get a general impression of what you can expect.

GoldED Support
Phone/Fax: +49-(0)241-81665

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