Vulcan Software Announces Wasted Dreams Demo Now Available

WAKE UP! It's finally here!

Vulcan Software's 'Wasted Dreams' Amiga CDRom demo is now available for download! Brought to you by the incredible Digital Dreams Entertainment Team.

At last, you can experience a tiny fraction of this awesome Gigantic Alien Speech Adventure by following the developers links from the Vulcan website.


The 1 or 2 player demo can be downloaded 'as is' while the demo speech files can be downloaded separately (if required). The demo will also be on Aminet in the next few days.

We are hoping to release the full version of Wasted Dreams in the next few weeks which has over 300Mb of digital speech, 100's of hand drawn locations and 1,000s of rota scoped characters.

As always, Live Long & Prosper!

....and don't forget to pre-order your copy from all the remaining Amiga retail outlets around the world! And this time, WE MEAN IT! :)

WASTED DREAMS The Mysterious Alien Adventure

Embark on a gigantic and mysterious alien speech adventure set in a violent reality, the crew of ExplorerFX2 have been searching for a new Earth for many years, until now!

After a successful scan, you landed and established settlement on `Agillera`, a class 4 planet in the Geminorum system. Uninhabited and environmentally stable you formed the first extensive community with medical, military and research camps which took 6 months to build.

400 crew members decided to remain on the planet whilst 100 made the long trip back to Earth to inform them of the amazing find. 3 minutes after ExplorerFX2 launched from Agillera you fled from the ship in a shuttle craft just moments before it exploded into a million fragments.

Through the smoke and flames you crash landed back onto the planet only to be greeted by a hostile Alien race known as the Gorkies along with the rest of your crew who were very surprised to see you alive!

What happened? Can you can unravel the mystery!

Any Amiga with 2Mb Memory
68000 CPU, HD, 2x Speed CD
1 or 2 players
100's Hand Drawn Locations
1,000's of Roto-Scoped Character Movements
300Mb of Digital Speech
Superb Evolving Plot Line
Fast Strategy Action
Intriguing Puzzle Logic
Loads Of Characters

Language Support:


OUT VERY SOON! Recommended Retail Price 29.99 UKPounds

Paul Carrington BA(Hons)
Vulcan Software Limited


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