The Midwest Amiga Exposition

Unique Amiga Collector's Item to be Given Away

For Immediate Release AmiCON and Nova Design, Inc. are rather pleased to announce Nova Design's donation of a very unique collectors item. This very special item will be given away at the upcoming Midwest Amiga Exposition as a door prize.

The Midwest Amiga Exposition is one of the most exciting and fun Amiga events in the United States. The show takes place over three days, starting October 2nd and continuing through the 3rd and 4th, and features seminars, demos, classes, panel discussions, parties, and a gigantic exhibitors room where you can have hands on demonstrations of the latest in Amiga software and hardware!

Nova Design, Inc.'s donation is an Amiga 1000 from a favorite period in the Amiga's history and from a favorite person of that history. It's not just any Amiga 1000 - yes friends, we're giving away...

R.J. Mical's Amiga 1000!

The machine has been cleaned up a bit to remove the finger prints and coffee cup rings. Instead of the Amiga checkmark logo, RJ put his personal favorite, the Boing Ball logo, on both the Amiga case and the Amiga keyboard. RJ Mical and Carl Sassenrath have, at Nova Design's request, personally signed the top of the cover in gold ink. What a bonus!

RJ's Amiga 1000 will be on display for you to view during the show and will be presented by RJ himself. To whet your appetite a picture is available to view online until then.

Extra special thanks go out to RJ for letting Nova Design have his personal Amiga for this.


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