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Dear Amiga Community,

After I took delivery of my new Dell R400 at home and a SPARC at the University of Toronto, I found myself using my A4000 less and less. In the past few weeks, my A4000 has functioned as a coffee table stand for experiments we've been running in the lab, so I've decided to discontinue the upkeep of my Amiga related documents, as I don't have the time to keep on top of Amiga developments. I am looking for intelligent, attractive, sweet-uh wait, I mean, knowledgeable Amiga folks to take care of these documents and the various questions that come up from time to time.

I started writing the A2090A Technical Notes as a really long message on Commodore Canada's BBS service back in 1992 when a user asked how to install a drive on his A2000HD machine. From what I understand, it was used on the CBM FAX service in Toronto as well, and since then, it has expanded into at least 11 revisions. I haven't had a 2090 or 2090A in the longest time. Similarily, I ended up writing notes about the quirks of the 2620/2630 accelerators, the A570 CDRom box, and my favourite Amiga of all, the great A3000. Well, I ended up selling all of these things at one point or another, and even my happy A3000/25 desktop is gone too. I have a sole A4000, and as mentioned above, it performs a role that makes Ikeaproud.

If you are interested in the upkeep of any or all or these documents, please contact me. I can me found at tsangc@ecf.utoronto.ca. I will keep the latest FAQs at my web page and redirect questions to you. What is involved? Updating new developments, compatibility issues, quirks, and user testimonials and experiences every so often, as well as answering perhaps an email every few days about how something works. Also, combing comp.sys.amiga.hardware and answering questions with followup tags to the FAQ. What do you get in return? The feeling of helping someone out. Honest. Please mail me if you're interested.


Calum Tsang tsangc@ecf.utoronto.ca / tsangc@kiwi.com
--Industrial Engineering and Systems Management-University of Toronto-----
Come and visit my web page! Because it's lonely and needs us to read it.
http://www.ecf.utoronto.ca/~tsangc "I'd be managing fries..."-Dave Matthews

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