Alive Mediasoft Update

We have had a very busy couple of months recently and thought you may be interested in hearing what we have been doing and what our plans for the next few months are...

Our main objective at the moment is releasing more good quality games. We are happy to say that the release of the Quake add-ons for the Amiga have been received very well. Xmen and Aftershock which we have made readily available to the Amiga market are currently amongst out top sellers as is the immensly popular Descent. We are continuing to source more quality add-ons and conversions.

The re-release of Blade in the new improved CD version is making very satisfactory progress. Since the announcements of Samba World Cup and Putty Squad we have struggled to keep up with the demand. Although hard-work, we find this very encouraging. We also have a nice little over-head shoot'em up in the makings which will probably see release this side of xmas.

As well as publishing brand new games, there are so many games that were made for the Amiga but never saw the light of day. We aim to pick out the best of these and release them through Alive mediasoft. We are in talks about several titles as we speak. 2 of these we can confirm as Cedric and Whales Voyage 2.

This is a wonderfully addictive platform game with a little dash of something more. As well as the favourite "run about and jump on their heads" style of play there is an underlying, larger plot involving problem solving and clues which all add up to make up a truly playable game.

The sequal to the immensly popular Whales Voyage. This time you are a space explorer travelling across the galaxies, trading with other life forms as well as fighting to defend yourself when the need arrises. As well as an intriguing plot and a stategic method of play, Whales Voyage 2 turns into a Doom type game when you reach the surface of a planet. You can walk around the planet in full motion and use of your limbs, so if you experience a bad trade for example you can pulverise your enemy!

Neither Cedric or Whales Voyage 2 have ever been released in the UK. A full news bulletin will be sent out shortly for each game. In the mean-time we have attatched some screen shots to wet your appetite!

Below you will find a list of our games that we either publish or distribute.

Blade CD edition
Xmen for Quake
Aftershock for Quake
Mission Pack 1 & 2 for Quake
Quake Resurrection Pack
Malice for Quake
The Clue
Samba World Cup
Descent 68k & PPC
Doom Series 68k & PPC
Labyrinth of Time
Putty Squad (coming soon)
Whales Voyage 2 (coming soon)
Cedric (coming soon)
Abuse (coming soon)
Fightin Spirits
Black Viper
Burn Time
Whales Voyage
Spherical Worlds
UVW (Ultra Violent Worlds)

Some of these titles are our own. Some we are the distributer for the UK. The Quake products are PC versions that we have made readily available to the Amiga world by selling them with the required Quake installers. Some are re-releases of popular games that have become difficult to obtain.

Steven Flowers
Alive mediasoft.

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