New PROM Chip Allows CDTV AmigaDos Upgrades

Amiga of Minnesota Interest Group Alliance is pleased to announce that we have aquired a license to produce and distribute in a NON-Commercial way, the technology to upgrade the CDTV to OS 2.0+.

We are currrently testing with OS 3.1, and are seeking responce from potential purchaser's of the product. It will consist of 2 - proms which install in the CDTV, and allow the unit to operate with the CD Drive active, and a 3.1 rom installed. This license is to us alone and cannot be transferred to any other party. Because it is NON-Comercial, responce of potential buyers will determine the price, as how many proms we purchase determine the price.

We have determined that the Price will be between $15 and $30 US. The more intersted parties the lower the price can be.

This has been a long 16 month negotiation, and could not have been possible without the help of many people, CUCUG included for the posting of the FAQ directories some time ago.

Please direct all responce to and a file will be built on that.

Thank you.
Ben Deemer
A.M.I.G.A., Librarian.

Ben wrote us a few days later....

The response to the posting has been very good, and rather than try to answer each response, and the questions asked please add to or amend the original posting.

The testing is in progress, and this is known, the CDTV will run OS 2.1 and boot from the CD drive. It will boot from and WB floppy, if the 2.0 ROM is present. More information can be had in the FAQ on CDTV. from Amiga web the Support section click "hardware" and Link to the FAQ on CDTV by D Ewaniuk ( This was where I found the original leads to the license. Darren is the Person who was released from the NDA to provide the files to put on the PROM's. As Darren was at Amitrix when the NDA was signed, and Amitrix also has this information, I would assume that they developed all their hardware to be compatible with the upgraded CDTV, which Commodore never allowed on the market. This upgrade will require the Amiga Dos ROM, which we are not licensed to sell or produce. The test CDTV has a switch-it installed to be backward to the 1.3 boot disks. As they are mentioned here already, I/We at A.M.I.G.A. wish to express our thanks for the help and support that Darren E. and Amitrix have given to this project. I would also encourage all respondents to beat the bushes for persons who are not on the internet and have CDTV's

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