Blittersoft And Weird Science Announce A Joint Venture - Cerberus

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September 24th, 1998 - Blittersoft and Weird Science have announced today that they are to release a new machine, Cerberus.

Cerberus is a totally integrated Multimedia Home Entertainment System. Both companies see Cerberus primarily as a means to provide access to the new DVD Technology, whilst maintaining a high degree of backwards compatibility with the existing Amiga software collection.

Cerberus is capable of running all of the latest software with provision for the new digital convergence technology. It provides a high degree of backwards compatibility with existing Amiga and Mac software.

The system is industry standard PC based, providing access to a wealth of both serious and leisure software already available and the steady stream of fantastic new software constantly flowing.

This Integrated Multimedia system uses the Mpact 2 Multimedia Processor as the core element of the motherboard, providing it's wealth of features without any add-on cards. Cerberus is capable of providing a high standard of 2D and 3D Graphics, Sound, General Midi, and DVD.

The Integrated DVD drive and hardware accelerated Mpeg 2 decoding provides an industry leading quality of DVD ouput to both the monitor and TV output. In addition, Cerberus provides Dolby Digital AC3 output for surround sound systems. These features enable Cerberus to become an integral part of a Home Theatre set-up.

Cerberus has the ability to run most Amiga and Macintosh software with the built in 'software' Amiga and optional 'software' Macintosh. Picasso 96 Software is provided as standard on the Amiga side for an RTG Graphics Amiga capable of making the most of the Cerberus 2D Graphics engine. An optional 040 / 060 based Amiga-on-a-card will be available in the future.

Cerberus has full Internet support with a fast 56k modem and all the software required to connect, browse and exchange emails.

Experience the devastingly high quality of digital video, play the latest games, revel in the power of some of the best serious applications in the world and marvel at the compatibility of Cerberus with your existing Amiga software collection.

The Future Has Arrived.

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