SoftWare Hut Announces the IOBlix


As many of you know there has been no high speed Zorro II serial board for Amiga. The I/O Extender is still not available but we have imported a new product from RBM in Germany. It is the IOBlix.

It supplies four serial- and two EPP/ECP-parallel-ports. In addition to that there are two module ports to install an AHI-compatible sound-module and a SANAII-compatibel Ethernet-module which are being developed. Another module for 1.44MB-disc-drives is planned.

The serial highspeed ports provide 64 Byte of FIFO-memory, the EPP/ECP-parallel-ports have a 16 Byte FIFO which qualifies the IOBlix for high demands (e.g. mailboxes). Besides the internal FIFO the IOBlix can be upgraded to up to 8KByte of external FIFO-memory which can be related to each module.

The parallel-ports support the uni- and bidirectional modes to be compatible with all printers. Scanner-drivers (in combination with ScanQuix4) and drivers for backup-devices (such as ZIP-drives/streamers) are planned for the EPP/ECP-mode. The IOBlix is designed as a ZorroII-Slot-card so it is compatible with all Amiga2/3/4000 and Amiga1200 systems with Zorro-Expansion.

Transfer rate: 460 KBaud, theor. 1.5 MBaud

We are taking preorders. The first 75 are due in stock on Tuesday next week. Preorders are advised as the first batch will be sold out by the time it is in.

Our special introductory price is $ 139.95 (After Sept 30 the price is $ 149.95)

To order call 1-800-932-6442 or email us. Thank you.

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