Various ISDN Packs Created For BT's HomeHighway

UK Internet users are most likely aware of the recent launch of BT's 'HomeHighway', which is a lower cost ISDN service for the home user. For further information point your browser to

Amiga users can take advantage of ISDN, despite the fact that BT claim you 'need a PC to use HomeHighway'. Active Technologies have created various ISDN packages that will connect your Amiga quickly and cheaply:

ID01 External ISDN Terminal Adapter		129.95
ID02 ISDN TA & NetConnect v2			159.95
ID03 ISDN TA & NetConnect v2 & Hypercom 1	189.95
ID04 ISDN TA & NetConnect v2 & IOBlix		229.95

The external ISDN TA is the Dynalink 'MagicXpress'. Further information can be obtained from NetConnect v2 is available on CD or floppy disk. Information about the Hypercom or IOBlix serial cards can be obtained from

What advantages does ISDN offer over normal PSTN analogue lines?

If you would like further information about BT HomeHighway, our ISDN packs or any of our other products, go to our web site at or feel free to email or call us.

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