Epic Marketing Announces Amiga Classix

26th September 1998

For Immediate Release

Epic Marketing (http://www.epicmarketing.ltd. net/) has pleasure in announcing our Latest release Amiga Classix. A CD full of Amiga Games many of which are full versions.

Amiga Classix has over 300 games many of which are full versions which have been included with permission from the authors. The CD also contains over 100 megademo’s, some of the games included on this product include. Amegas, Testament, Better Dead than Alien, Charlie J. Cool, Full House Poker, DNA, PP Hammer, Starblade, TechnoCop, Zero Gravity, Boondar, Blaster, Boston Bomb Club, Fruit Salad, Lex, Nemeses, Project Buzbar, North & South, Turn IT, Vietnam and more...

To find out more information please visit our recently updated website and look up CD526.


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