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(September 29, 1998)

Dhomas Trenn, a longtime contributor and columnist for the popular CU Amiga magazine, before it closed down last month, has joined the NewTekniques team as a regular columnist. Trenn will write a new column called "Amiga In Motion," which will appear in the on-line bonus area for readers every issue.

"I am excited about joining the NewTekniques team and look forward to getting to know a new audience," says Trenn. "Although my focus is intended to be on the Amiga computer and its applications, I hope to find the interest of all readers."

Trenn says that readers can expect to see "new and creative approaches to some overused and stale techniques" as well as tried and true information.

For CU Amiga magazine, Trenn regularly wrote about using the Amiga for sound and music, including digital/analog audio, Internet resources, commercial hardware, MIDI, and public domain software. He had a regular column called SoundLab.

"I am probably known best for my strange and experimental uses of computers to enhance art of all kinds," says Trenn. This includes things like using image-processing software to process audio files and the development of weather and brain monitoring systems for manipulating image and sound data. His approach to problem solving is very creative and unique, causing people to take different approaches to solutions and techniques.

"I'm very glad that Dhomas Trenn accepted our offer to be a regular columnist for NewTekniques," says Joe Tracy, NewTekniques editor in chief. "Readers have requested more Amiga-type coverage and the addition of Dhomas is our first way of answering that request. We take reader comments very seriously."

Tracy also stated that there would be no magazine content cut to make room for the new column.

"Because NewTekniques is a joint print and Web publication, we are able to add the Amiga In Motion column to the Web portion of the magazine without taking anything else out," says Tracy. "With the addition of Dhomas, we have just grown the magazine. It is part of our commitment to giving the reader more versus less."

In order to access the Web portion of the magazine, readers must have a subscription to NewTekniques. The Web portion of the magazine effectively doubles (and sometimes triples) the size of NewTekniques magazine.

Trenn's first column was posted this morning to the NewTekniques August/September bonus section for readers. The entrance to that section is at

Trenn says that "Amiga In Motion" will cover a number of different avenues, but maintain a focus on software and hardware products that are particularly useful to video production in the areas of audio, video, and the business in general.

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