News from MAE: Amiga Inc. Reported to Support OS3.5 Update for Classic Amigas

-From Gary Peake, of Team AMIGA

Reported to me by Team AMIGA members at MAE (Columbus, Ohio) ...

It is official!!! Amica Inc. announces OS3.5 with P5 PPC board support will be done by the first half of '99! It was not announced however, whether the OS3.5 upgrade will use the P5 or H&P PPC software.

Developed in combination with a lot of Amiga developers, OS3.5 Upgrade will use the current 3.1 roms and will be a CD ONLY release! There will be no PPC version, however PPC support will be included using either P5 or H&P PPC software, as stated above.

Highlights concerning the OS3.5 upgrade:

Plus bug fixes and updates to several areas of the OS

Purposes of the OS3.5 upgrade is to support all the advanced hardware/software that is on the Classic Amiga market and to allow developers to code for a higher spec Amiga Classic. This will open the door for more and better software and hardware for the Classic Amiga while giving developers more transition time into the NG Amiga!

There will also be a full Classic OS3.5 emulator shipping with the NG OS so we can all start buying software again secure in the knowledge that it will be supported and runnable with the NG Amiga!

This 3.5OS upgrade and the promise of full emulation in the NG Amiga will smooth the transition for all Amiga users to the NG Amiga.

In the next week or so, a website will go up especially for OS3.5 and Amiga Inc will begin releasing information on the upgrade to the Amiga press. More details about OS3.5 will also be released in Cologne.

We are told that the highlight of the show thus far for Bill McEwen is the modeling convention going on in the same hotel! 400 female wannabe's apparently provided fodder for some of the oldest chat up lines in the book as Amiga guys attempted to entice the young ladies into discussions about Intuition and Peeks and Pokes.

Joe Torre, in his own enduring style, showed up in a giant sumo outfit and ran around the lot persued by security. Not to be outdone, Rick "The Canadian's Are Coming" Giannini of Asimware flattened Amiga Inc's Darreck Lisle several times without even putting on his sumo suit!

Another grand demonstration of why the Amiga community MUST keep one step ahead of society (and the law!).

Courtesy of Team AMIGA Columbus Reporters ... permission to repost is hereby granted as always.

Gary Peake

Team AMIGA #team*amiga

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