Future Shock 2 Amiga Audio CD Available From Sidewinder

FUTURE SHOCK 2 by Sidewinder is now available with a new price.

This musical CD was created entirely on the Amiga computer. It is currently on a second edition and available only from Sidewinder Productions.

The artist, Texas based Sidewinder had been creating mods for the Amiga community for years. You've probably heard his mods and downloaded them from his own directory on Aminet.

FUTURE SHOCK 2 has been featured in rave reviews by magazines like CUAmiga, Amiga Computing, and Amiga Report as well as many more over the last 4 years.

This CD features 74 minutes of electronic dance and synthesizer music, mixed and recorded entirely on the Amiga computer and recorded in a professional studio in San Antonio, Texas. It was the first %100 Amiga recorded and produced in a proffesional Studio during the summer winter of 1993. Also Features a bonus track from the popular game "Scorched Tanks" remixed in CD quality. With striking cover art created by well known 3d gfx artist Zak Jarvis,this CD will hopefully please Amiga and Sidewinder music fans for years to come.

Dealers interested in selling this CD to
the public we offer special pricing in

5-10 CDs -    25+ CDs -
$8 each CD    $7 each CD
The new reedition retail price is $10 us For more additional info email sidewind@txdirect.net


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