AmigaZone Doubles Disk Space and RAM to Better Serve its Members

For Immediate Release

Sacramento, CA USA
October 7, 1998

AmigaZone, the premiere online service for Amiga owners, announced today that it has doubled the memory and disk space of its hardware host system to better serve its members. Our hardware now runs with 128 meg of RAM and nearly 20 GIGabytes of mirrored disk space, for virtually unlimited storage of our huge, ever-expanding collection of Amiga files, which go back to 1985, with fresh stuff arriving daily.

Hosted by CalWeb Internet Services, the biggest ISP in California's capital city, (home to the AmiWest show), AmigaZone runs a Wildcat5 or "WINS" system. Wildcat5 provides AmigaZone's members with total flexibility in how they wish to access the system:

Telnet to our friendly, hot-key driven BBS system, or browse in our fast Web interface to access over 40,000 files, and 40,000 text articles in Amiga Usenet and Fidonet newsgroups, Amiga mailing lists, and local message bases. We also feature .QWK packet transfers, an online image thumbnail maker, over a dozen ways to personalize and customize your account, our famous live chatting area with Sunday night prize contests, and members have access to our private FTP site and POP3 mail server. You can even log into our multiple interfaces simultaneously.

For more information about AmigaZone or to join and get your own account via secure signup, just visit

AmigaZone is a Trademark of Harv Laser. (c) 1998.

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