Vaporware Launches Two New Software Titles

Vapor have been busy during the last few months expanding the range to include two new, high quality Amiga software products: X-Arc and the Contact Manager (Contact Manager and X-Arc can also be found within NetConnect v2). Since the recent release of AmIRC v2.1 these products can be purchased via latest Vapor registration tool, and soon via the online order form.

Recently included within the Vapor range is the release of Scalos v1.1. Amiga users can now purchase Scalos keyfiles via the existing Vapor channel (registration tool or via the online registration form).


X-Arc is a new tool created for managing archives on the Amiga computer. X-Arc is very similar to the famous WinZip® and Stuff-it® for Windows and Macintosh systems.

Contact Manager

The Contact Manager is a diary or system address book which allows you to store all your favourite user information, web sites, ftp sites and IRC server/channels. It is designed as a replacement to all the different bookmarks, addressbooks and similar GUI's that are built into the many different Amiga Internet and comms programs.

It offers a number of features not found in many of the internal bookmark/addressbooks:

Scalos v1.1

Scalos is a 100% Workbench replacement with all functions working like the WB ones. Some of the features include:

For further information about these products, please check the Vapor web site.

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