Amiga Survivor Magazine Reports Early Success, New Look

Hello Amiga fanatics!

Well, Amiga Survivor is proving more of a success than any of us could imagine. Our print-run increases every month and new subscribers are added to our database daily. Even after a mere three issues! And now everyone around the world can have a taste of it. Amiga Survivor has recently had a complete overhaul, both the magazine, and it's official homepage ( Go see for yourself the new-look covers, new logos, and get information about distributors and contents of the magazine. Since the new look and new promotions, many stores around the planet are now stocking issues, in the US, Canada, The UK and the rest of Europe. Have a look at the website to see if there's a store near you! Or you can order online and have each issue delivered to your door!

At one point in it's life, Amiga Survivor was just a games magazine, but due to it's popularity, it has grown to covering more 'serious' items, with the help of some ex-CU Amiga staff members. And in the coming months, AS is set to gain more pages, and the possibility of swelling to an A4 format!

Amiga Survivor has also recently gained the rights to distribute the incredibly popular U.S publicaton, Amiga Informer in the UK! Be one of the first European residents to own this fine magazine by ordering it from the Amiga Survivor website. (

Of course, Amiga Survivor could always benefit from being even more popular, so if you're an Amiga stockist anywhere in the world, then you could be one of the many distributors to stock this new, popular publication. Please note that Amiga Survivor is available via mail-order only, and not on news-stands!

Amiga Survivor is the ONLY place to read the Work-In-Progress of Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria (the excellent Monkey Island 3 / Disney inspired adventure game) courtesy of Prelusion and Crystal Software. Read the latest games reviews, previews, special features, regular articles, and the latest Amiga news, all sandwiched between a glorious full colour cover!

If you require any further information, then visit the website, or e-mail the editor, Robert Iveson at:

You can subscribe online for a bulk amount of issues, or merely just the one to give it a try. You never know, it might be just what you're looking for in a magazine.....

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