Paxtron Offers Inexpensive Battery Insurance for your Aging Amiga



Almost 20% of the repairs that our service center performs are due to aging batteries, which leak acid on Amiga boards. Once the acid leaks the tracers become corroded and dissolve. It is very expensive to bring the boards back to life.

If your Amiga computer is approaching 4 years old we suggest you replace the original Ni/Cd battery with a new lithium battery. The new lithium batteries will last longer, has twice the amperage (150 mA as opposed to 60mA) and will give you years of trouble free service. The cost of the new exact replacement lithium battery is $14.95 each plus shipping.

It is worth the investment of $14.95 to save a $900.00 motherboard?


For those of you who want to stay with the rechargeable Ni/Cd batteries. We have just received a shipment of fresh batteries from Germany. The Ni/Cd like the lithium above must be soldered to the board. The Ni/Cd 3.6 volt battery is the exact Ni/Cd Amiga replacement and is made by Varta. The price of the Ni/Cd is $9.95 plus shipping.

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