Epic Marketing Announces Availability of Amiga Informer Magazine

For immediate release

21st October 1998

Epic Marketing is proud to let its customers know it now carries The Amiga Informer magazine in stock.

The Informer is a US publication that's been around for nearly 3 years. It is a grayscale publication printed to high-quality film resolution. The output is crisp and clear with excellent graphics and screen grabs. It is aimed at a the average Amiga user and maintains a broad-based perspective in its editorial style. You may have seen it mentioned in the last issue of CU.

The Informer is one of the two remaining Amiga-specific US magazines. It specializes in current Amiga news, new product information, interviews, and product reviews. It also features regular columns on Graphics, Audio, AmiNet, Internet, Workbench enhancements and Q&A help. Feature stories have included networking your Amiga, choosing monitors, and using ARexx. Interviews have included Jeff Schindler, Petro Tyschtschenko, Carl Sassenrath, and Greg Perry.

Being US based, The Informer is able to keep in close contact with Amiga Inc. and report on the developments that are happening State side. You will be surprised at how many advertisers and products are available in the US and you can find info on products not easily found in the UK or Europe.

The latest issue of The Informer (16) includes information on the just announced upgrade of the Amiga OS to version 3.5. Details on what you will need to run it and what it will contain is available, plus insights as to what it will mean to you. You will also find reviews of 13 Amiga products, including, Wildfire, WebFTP, Pablo II video encoder, Digital Quill, Soundprobe II, Games Master System and Virtual Karting II. Also in issue 16 is a lead story on the challenges facing Amiga Inc. and its partnership with an OS company, Automating your Amiga with Docket, system essentials from AmiNet, and making music with MODs, plus a whole lot more.

To get the latest issue of The Amiga Informer, call Epic Marketing today or visit our Web site!


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