Gateway Cracks the Whip?

A popular web site famous for its distribution of Amiga ROMS, cracked games and utilities has been forced to close its doors, according to a message posted on the main page of the site. The following message now adorns the site where lists of pirate downloads once occupied:

"Gateway 2000, Inc. acting for Amiga Development LLC. demanded that this site be taken down immediately for posting and distributing illegally copyrighted software"

"The site will remain suspended for the remaining of the investigation."

The site, known as "Lazarus", appears to no longer offer offending, pirated software. According to some users who claim to have visited the site in the past, the operators had once actually sold a collection of select, Amiga-oriented, illegal software on CD.

The Lazarus site has never been listed in the Amiga Web Directory as it is against the policy of CUCUG to list such links.


Please also see this rebuttal from a Lazarus representative.

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