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Time to update our customers on happenings in the market and nothing can be bigger that a new version of the best selling program, Directory Opus. The new Magellan-II version lists so many new features it is impossible to list so we have provided a link below so that you may visit our website and GP Software's Website where they have a great page showing all the new features.

We will be shipping the new version and upgrades for existing users on November 12th. This is the official worldwide release date to coincide with the largest Amiga show in Cologne, Germany. We are having a preorder special for all customers that order before November 13th as follows:

Directory Opus Magellan II Full Version    $ 74.95
Upgrade from Magellan to Magellan II       $ 44.95
Upgrade from 5.5 to Magellan II            $ 49.95
Upgrade from V 4 or V 5.0 to Magellan II   $ 64.95

After November 13th, pricing will be $ 10.00 additional cost on all versions.

There also will be a must have companion CD to go with Directory Opus Magellan II. This will be shipping around November 28th. We will have more details on this in a future newsletter.

We are currently offering the additional following items which have just arrived in our warehouse:

Amiga Classix CD                       $ 28.95
Arcade Classix CD                      $ 28.95
Miami 3.x                              $ 54.95
Aminet 27 (includes Kang Fu game demo) $ 16.95
ST Fax Professional                    $ 49.95
Gravis Clear Joystick                  $ 34.95
Main Actor Broadcast software          $ 89.95
Genetic Species CD                     $ 37.95
Amiga Black Polar Fleece shirt (L, XL) $ 39.95
Amiga Turtle Neck shirt (L, XL)        $ 26.95
Get Connected CD                       $ 74.95

Thank you for your time. To order call 800-932-6442 or place your order online at:


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