Alive Mediasoft Announce The Pulse 8 Page Supplement

THE PULSE is a free 8 page supplement to the Alive catalogue. As the leading name in Amiga games, Alive mediasoft has its finger on The Pulse to bring you the latest news, reviews and previews.

THE PULSE features in-depth looks at current releases and coming attractions. Each edition of The Pulse features a minimum of 14 reviews. These range from brand new releases right back to classic games dating back over a decade. Each game featured is given a full review and marked on a percentage basis according to graphics, sound, playability and lastability. As many games are reviewed by independant columnists, The Pulse is an informative and unbiased supplement to aid you in your purchases. As well as a review score, The Pulse from time to time may award a game either a "Heart Attack" for a really good game, or a "Flat Line" is it comes across a game that's complete and utter pants.

Issue 1 was received extremely well. Here's some responses we've had so far...

"Great mag guys... keep up the good work!" P.Cropper, Derbys.

"Many thanks for my copy of the pulse...It'll come in handy for Xmas shopping for the kids" Mrs Wasikoski, Clapham South.

And issue 2 has just gone to press.

A brief look at issue 2:-

Reviews of:

Descent Power PC version
Sixth Sense CD
Forest Dump Forever
James Pond 2 (Classic review)
and many more (16 in total)

And news items about the release of Quake 2, Putty Squad, Napalm and loads more.

Also not to be missed is the news of incredible reductions on many games including Genetic Species (down to 25.99). Look for Star Prices.

Details of Xmas bundle packs can also be found. Specially put together packs for a limited period grouping popular games together at a discounted price. Packs range from 10 upwards.

And how much will this wealth of information cost you each month?.... ....absolutely nothing, nada, ziltch. Thats right, totally free! We do not charge for the magazine, we don't even charge postage, no matter where on the planet you are from Basingstoke to Istanbul, just so long as you are a dedicated Amiga owner.

Once again, Alive keep their promise - 100% of your money is put back into the Amiga.

For your free subscription to Alive's catalogue and The Pulse, just email us your postal address or phone it through and wait for it to land on your doorstep!


PO Box 940
Nottingham NG17 7FA
Tel 01623 467 579

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