2-Hour Cologne 98 Presentation Video As Seen on the Amiga International Video Wall

The Amiga Inc., Amiga International, and QNX Friday, November 13, 1998 presentation at Cologne's Computer 98 is now available on NTSC VHS courtesy of Amazing Computing/Amiga. This is raw, unedited footage of this event from the unique front row perspective of our editor. These are his private tapes which Amazing Computing/Amiga has made available to the entire Amiga public.

Parts of this video were shown on the Computer 98 show floor Saturday, November 14, 1998. Amiga Inc. used Amiga International's large video display wall to show the QNX demonstration. This is your chance to see this historic event for yourself.

This video includes the latest information from:

Amiga International's Petro Tyschtschenko: Amiga 4000s and more.
Amiga Inc.'s Bill McEwen: introductions and current status.
Amiga Inc.'s Jeff Schindler: current Amiga directions.
Amiga Inc.'s Dr. Alan Havemose: the direction of the AmigaNG.
QNX's Dan Dodge: demonstration of the QNX technology.

Amiga Inc.'s Jeff Schindler talks about the current state of the Amiga and the need to work toward the future Amiga system.

Dr. Alan Havemose gives a once in a lifetime presentation of what the current Amiga operating system is and what the new system will have.

The final presentation is by Dan Dodge, President of QNX, the software innovator who has been chosen as Amiga Inc.'s partner in developing the AmigaNG operating system. Mr. Dodge demonstrates his company's current, unique software capabilities and gives Amiga users an idea of where the Amiga market is headed.

This is followed by an open question and answer period from the standing-room-only crowd who watched the nearly two-hour event.

If you were not able to attend this historic event, this tape gives you a close-up view of what you missed. If you were there, this tape is your opportunity to view Dr. Alan Havemose and Dan Dodge over and over to better understand their detailed demonstrations and information.

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