Fleecy 'Sacked' By Amiga Inc.

Elspeth Moss
Email: elspethmac@netreach.net
Date: 1998/11/17
Forums: comp.sys.amiga.misc

Hello amiga people, my name is Elspeth Moss the wife of fleecy. He is bound by some of the contract he signed to keep quiet but I am not.

I want you all to know that to my husband, the amiga is very, very importnat. Many times I have gone to bed without him, weekends have disappeared and there are times I have wanted to pull the plug on his computer just to get him back. I know the children and I are the most important thing to him but the Amiga isn't that close behind. I don't understand the fascination myself but when he talks of the plans, the community, the ppl, I can see that it is more to him than just a computer.

Over the past 18 months he has gone from the happiest of the happy to the saddest of the sad. Frustrated, angry, ranting as the job has progressed - or not progressed. When he got the news on wednesday, he was devastated. It took him 4 hours before he was back on the computer. First he started moves to get a new job so we wouldn't be deported - in fact with our new daughter Evie not having a birth certificate yet, we would probably have to leave her - thanks Jeff Schindler - and then he was back emailing ppl, coming up with new ways to keep the community going, to prevent it from being destroyed.

Of course he has to find a job first but I think I know that I won't be seeing him much for the next few months in the evening. I am used to it. I just want you all to know the kind of man he is - honest, principled, always figthing for the underdog, obsessive - a pain in the backside. He may have been sacked but he will never give up on the Amiga, unlike some others.

Thank you.

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