Discreetfx Offers Special Price and Extra Effects For Pyromania Amiga/Video Toaster Version


Order Pyromania before December 31st at a special holiday price of $99 and receive four extra Real-time Toaster Explosion & Fire Effects for free.

Dec 7, 1998, Los Angeles, DiscreetFX new Amiga developer bringing many popular mainstream software titles to the Amiga & NG Amiga is offering special pricing and extra effects for Pyromania Classics Amiga/Video Toaster version. PYROMANIA CLASSICS brings your productions all the firepower of the top gun visual effects companies. PYROMANIA CLASSICS contains over 30 Explosive Visual Effects Sequences including explosions, fire, smoke, Zero-G explosions and depth shockewaves. Individual files in sequence are provided for maximum usage in a variety of programs such as ImageFX, Photogenics or Toasterpaint. All are photographed in 35mm motion picture film, scanned at 2k resolution and down sampled to full overscan video resolution. In addition, the Amiga/Toaster version includes Sequences in native FlyerClip format and Real-time Color Toaster Effects/Wipes. Toaster Effects may be used Real-time in your project and FlyerClips can be used for advanced compositing in Lightwave 3D & Toasterpaint. To receive your extra effects just order the Video Toaster/Amiga version of Pyromania before December 31st, 1998 from your favorite dealer such as Software Hut (www.softhut.com) or Safe Harbor (www.sharbor.com). Then send a copy of your paid invoice to DiscreetFX to receive your free effects via e-mail or mail. Effects are in Toaster Real-time color effect format & Real-time Amiga anim5 brush animation.

System Requirements; AGA Amiga or Graphics card, Video Toaster 4000 with A4000 or higher spec Amiga required for Real-time V.T. Effects. Video Toaster Flyer or Lightwave 5.5 required for FlyerClips.

Bill Panagouleas
Project Manager
3953 Tilden Ave Suite #B
Culver City, CA 90232

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