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Australia - December 1998

Contact/Reply to: Basil Flinter

It is with pleasure that we announce that Petro Tyschtschenko, head of Amiga International, will be visiting Australia in January 1999.

As this will be the first visit to Australia by any AMIGA official since Commodore's demise in 1994, Petro Tyschtschenko is keen to meet with as many members of the Amiga community as he can during his trip.

There will be an opportunity to meet Mr Tyschtschenko in Perth on Saturday 9 January 1999, and at two meetings proposed for the following weekend in Sydney.

For those with a commercial interest in the Amiga's future in Australia (Australasia), there will be a business meeting in Sydney on Friday 15 January.

And depending on the support shown, a daytime function (lunch will be optional) is proposed for the general public on Saturday, 16 January.

Persons wishing to meet Petro Tyschtschenko should send an email to the contact address given above, putting: `Petro Visit Perth' or `Petro Visit Business Sydney' or `Petro Visit General Sydney' as the Subject, according to which meeting they would like to attend.

Then, in the body of the email, they should give some background information about themselves, as well as any comments that they may care to make relating to the Amiga's future in Australasia.

Even if you can't attend, please email us with your comments. (In this case put `Petro Visit Comment Only' as the Subject).

Australia once had a vibrant Amiga community.

An overwhelming response to this posting will indicate that the Amiga still has a future in Australasia, and will send a strong message to Petro Tyschtschenko and Amiga Inc. that they should do something about it.

Basil Flinter
Coordinating the Amiga in Australasia
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