CDTV Upgrade Project Has Reached the Release Stage

PRESS RELEASE: December 15, 1998
Amiga of Minnesota Interest Groups Alliance (A.M.I.G.A.)

Is happy to announce that the CDTV upgrade project has reached the release stage of development. The preliminary tests have shown that with the new prom chips installed the CDTV will operate correctly under OS 3.1 and the built in CD drive will function correctly. The upgrade requires that the ROM chip for OS 3.1 be installed, and the two internal proms that govern CDTV be changed.

The 3.1 Rom is the same chip that fits the 500 or 2000. The two proms for the CDTV are only available from A.M.I.G.A. by a license agreement with Amiga Intl.

There will be further testing, but so far it has been determined that the CDTV will boot from a 880 floppy drive containing the workbench 3.1 disk, and operate exactly as a 500/2000 with 1 meg would, except that you will have a fully functional internal CD drive, and S-VHS output. At this moment the CDTV is the only CBM developed unit to have this high definition output.

It will also boot the Fred Fish Collection CD Roms that were released by Hypermedia Concepts, to a 1.3.1 workbench with the floppy drive active. BUT, it will reset as soon as the eject button on the CD is touched.

If you have Email available, request information from and an order EMail form will be sent to you. PUT "CDTV UPGRADE PROJECT" as the subject please.

If you must use SNAIL Mail, write to:
c/o Ben Deemer
14501 Sunfish Lake Blvd
Ramsey, MN.
U.S.A. 55303-4578

An order form will be mailed out to you, and $0.35 will be added to your cost.

This is a "not for Profit" enterprise of a user group, and the license is restricted for this project. Therefore it is necessary to PREPAY for the upgrade proms, and by special arrangement, a discount on the 3.1 Rom if on the same order.

Prices are as follows:
CDTV proms kit and instructions: $23.00 US
3.1 OS Rom if ordered with proms $30 US.

All shipping will be by US Postal Priority System 2/3 day. Rates as follows:
US - $3, - Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, Middle East - $3.75, - Pacific Rim, South America - $4.95

No orders will be shipped to anybody until the ORDER FORM IS RETURNED with the required information and signature, and the PAYMENT IN US FUNDS IS RECEIVED (no personal or business checks)

This upgrade set of 2 - proms is not available from any other source, and will only be available while supplies of the now obsolete out of production parts is available. The 3.1 Rom is a special offer and only available to upgrade purchasers through A.M.I.G.A.

Permision to repost this notice to print media and other WWW sites is granted, provided the content is not altered, and Email notice of the action is given to use Subject: CDTV REPOST. thank you

thedoctor (not MD) Ben Deemer

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